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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

~Shoes...Stress....and Renewed Opportunities~

aSalaam uAlaikum and Good Evening My Stylish Sisters!!!

It's late here...after one in the morning, and as I sit here enjoying the peace and quiet that finally fills my busy home after another long day...I decided it was about time for me to catch up with all you ladies and find out what's been going on in YOUR busy lives...

Alhamdulillah everything has been going a bit better here.  I have found different ways to try to ease my anxiety a bit.  I've made attempts to come to grips with the fact that with a preschooler and toddler in the home chances are that at least 50% of the common areas in my home will be covered with toys laying matter HOW many times I try to pick up during the day.  I've also realized that if I am constantly worried about where I'm going next and what I need to get done next...that I can't really enjoy what's going on NOW. 

I need to bake more.  (Random....I know)

Anyways....I've gotten totally addicted to this website called  In case any of you amazing Muslimahs are new to my blog....I am completely, totally and helplessly addicted to shoes.  Stilettos, Wedges, Sandals, Peep Toes, Pumps, Platforms, Ballet Flats, name it.  Shoedazzle is this website where you go fill out a short profile about yourself, and name some of your preferences in shoes and they will specifically select a small selection of shoes for you each day.

I haven't placed an order...yet.  I've been trying to restrain myself until dh gets his tax returns.  But, I'm not sure how much longer I can wait. 

Alhamdulillah we had an amazing time with dh's cousin while she was here.  She has young children, one around my daughter's age, and they had a blast with eachother for the week they were here.  Seeing my princess having so much fun with someone her age, (then feeling guilty she didn't know any kids her own age) I decided to enroll her in some classes to keep the two of us busy and spending time together.  She started her classes this past week and alhamdulillah LOVED them.

While dh's cousin was here we started to discuss business ideas.  As you ladies know I am already somewhat of an entrepreneur, having started my jewelry line Love Nyla a couple of years ago, but I have about a million and one other ideas for business....we've just been waiting until we could save up the capital to start one of them.  She, on the other hand, has the capital and no ideas!  We sat and chatted about different ideas I have and decided to focus on one in I'm starting to draw up a business plan now.

I mean, how exciting is THAT?  As soon as I decide to stop sitting around the house complaining about not feeling well, and actually get busy doing opportunity fell into my lap!  When Allah swt closes the door...He opens a window. 

Anywho, I've noticed more and more through close observation of friends and family members that women tend to overlook themselves way too much.  I mean, not to sound like some bra-burning feminist or anything, but we truly ARE the backbone of every single successful family unit.  It is the woman who is there for her children, her husband, her parents, and her in-laws through thick and thin, yet we practically never take the time to spoil ourselves!

That's why recently I've tried my best to make myself a priority at least one day a week (okay it's turned into more like one day a month....but whatever).  Although I feel a bit guilty spending the money, it really does help the stress levels to go once in a while and get that mani/pedi, or new hairdo (yes- even hijabis should have their hair styled once in a while!) or just a day to grab lunch and a movie with some sisters.  Alhamdulillah I have a hubby who completely agrees, and even encourages me (probably because he enjoys my less frequent nervous breakdowns LOL).  My sensational sisters, please do take a bit of time to yourselves to do those things you used to enjoy doing pre-baby/marriage/career days!  You deserve it!

Anywho, I know this post was completely random...insh'Allah I will be back to my normally sheduled program soon and actually have some fashion posts for you.  In the meantime, go grab that Starbucks or Tim Hortons and read the newest People magazine while pampering your tootsies! (then enjoy the look on the manicurist's face when you say "No polish, please!" LOL)

Ma'Salaama and Merry Manicuring!

Fashionably Yours,
The (Totally Scatterbrained) Mujahada in Prada

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