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Thursday, August 12, 2010

~My Ramadaan Diary....Fasting~

aSalaam uAlaikum and Good Evening My Stylish Sisters!

Ramadaan Mubarak! Subhan'Allah how time flies, I am still shocked it is already Ramadaan again. Alhamdulillah I truly needed this month to come again, in order to strengthen my imaan and insh'Allah ask for forgiveness for my transgressions.

Throughout my years as a Muslimah I have been confronted with many colorful and interesting questions and comments regarding my reversion/conversion, and have always wanted to write about them.  The accusations, inquiries, and downright funny questions I have had proposed to me has shown me just how misinformed many people are about Islam and our duties as Muslims. I was quite flattered when I was asked recently to write an article on a wonderful blog called Muslimas Oasis and decided I would take this opportunity to discuss these experiences and do my best to insh'Allah clear up some of these misunderstandings.  I decided I would do something of a Ramadaaan Diary, and address a different topic every couple days throughout this blessed month.  

The following is my first article.  Insh'Allah you enjoy!  And please, take a look at my introductory article as well here: One Muslimah's Ramadaan Diary

Ramadaan Mubarak!

Alhamdulillah it is that most blessed time of the year again. The time when all Muslims around the world abstain from eating, drinking, or having relations with their spouse from sunup to sundown. The time when we all join in congregation to pray together into the late hours of the night, and read the Qur’an daily. The time when we make our best effort not to lie, curse, raise our voices in anger, or otherwise treat others badly. This is the month during which the Qur’an (or holy book of Islam) was revealed to Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

To non-Muslims it may be hard to understand why this month is so special to us. It may sound like a big sacrifice to give up food and drink all day, and a lot of dedication to pray all night instead of sleep after a long day of fasting. It is hard to explain the feeling of Ramadaan to someone who is not Muslim. There is a feeling of electricity, of hope. It is a time of renewal of faith for us, a time when we can concentrate on our imaan (faith) and increasing our knowledge without the distractions of food, drink, or sex. Because many of us break our fasts with our families, friends, or neighbors, there is a strong sense of community and cooperation.

I am sure that all Muslims have been asked many questions by non-Muslims about Ramadaan and fasting. Personally I’ve had reactions from others ranging from disbelief (“You mean you can’t even drink WATER all day?”) to disgust (“I think it’s horrible you would put your body through something like that”) to absolutely hilarious (“You mean you can go a whole MONTH without eating and survive?)

I figured, since today is our first day of fasting, it would be the perfect opportunity to take a few of these questions I’ve been asked and try my very best to answer them. I’ve included quotes from the Qur’an as well as references to what Muslims call hadith (ha-deeth). Hadith is stories and examples that have been handed down throughout generations of Muslim scholars about what the first Muslims said or did in certain situations. I only refer to the most reliable hadith that has been researched and verified by various scholars within Islam, so insh’Allah (God willing) the information I have provided is as accurate as possible.

     Question #1: Why do you fast?

The short answer to this question is simply: it has been commanded of us by Allah and is one of our requirements as Muslims.

“O you who have believed, decreed upon you is fasting as it was decreed upon those before you that you may become righteous.”[Quran 2:183]

But there is more to the story than just this. Fasting is a way for Muslims to push aside the comforts that food and drink provide us, and help us to understand the way that those less fortunate live. The reward for fasting during the month of Ramadaan is enormous, as related in this Sahih (authentic) hadith by Bukhari:

“The Prophet said, "There is a gate in Paradise called Ar-Raiyan, and those who observe fasts will enter through it on the Day of Resurrection and none except them will enter through it. It will be said, 'Where are those who used to observe fasts?' They will get up, and none except them will enter through it. After their entry the gate will be closed and nobody will enter through it."

Personally, when I am fasting I put a much greater emphasis on my five daily prayers, subconsciously because it is a way of counting down the hours until I can eat, but also because I have a greater clarity and concentration on my connection with Allah. From a medical point of view fasting is also a way to cleanse your body and to give your digestive system a rest. Fasting enables us to worry less about what we’re eating for lunch, and more about what we’re doing to bring ourselves closer to God.

     Question #2: Does everyone have to fast?

Muslims believe that Allah is Most Merciful and does not give us a burden more than He knows we can handle. Fasting is not intended to be easy, but is not intended to be impossible. Those who are sick, who have to take medicine, who are very old, who are traveling, or who are physically unable to fast are not required to. Also pregnant women, or those who are nursing, do not always fast depending on if their child is getting enough nutrients and the difficulty of their pregnancy. The very young do not have to fast, it is only required once they reach puberty and begin praying as well, although many choose to start earlier because they are eager to partake in this blessed month.

     Question #3: Is it only food and drink you give up during Ramadaan?

When Muslims fast we abstain from more than just eating and drinking. We believe that anything that causes liquid to go down our throat including gum or breath mints break our fast. We also abstain from having sex with our husband or wife, from cursing or lying, and from raising our voice in anger. Although as Muslims we always try to treat others with kindness, this is a month that we concentrate on growing in our faith, that we attempt to be as calm, understanding, and forgiving as possible. This is a month that we do our best to share what we have (no matter how little we have) with others, including non-Muslims.

Insh’Allah this Ramadaan is blessed for all of us, and Allah accepts our fasts and our prayers. Insh’Allah (God willing) the information I’ve provided has been beneficial to all of you, whether Muslim or not, and as always…Allah knows best.

Well ladies it is getting late and I am exhausted.  The first day of fasting is always the hardest, isn't it?  May Allah accept our fasts and forgive us for our sins.  Ameen.

Ma'Salaama and Ramadaan Kareem!

Fashionably Yours,
The ("Yes, we do go a whole month without eating.  Muslims have superpowers!" LOL) Mujahada in Prada

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Monday, August 9, 2010

~New Amira Colors~

aSalaam uAlaikum and Good Evening My Stylish Sisters!

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