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The Mujahada in Prada

Saturday, November 13, 2010

~Totally Random....Totally Beautiful~

aSalaam uAlaikum and Good Evening My Stylish Sisters...

I know this post is completely random and has nothing to do with my recent rantings about home improvements, but I just came across this picture on a close friend's FB page and HAD to show you ladies...

I'll give you each one chance to guess at who it is....

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

~Okay....So The Bedroom Has Been Put on Hold~

aSalaam uAlaikum and Good Morning My Stylish Sisters!

Well ladies, as usual in my hectic life, the plans have changed.  After some discussion with the hubby we've decided that we will put the bedroom plans on hold for just a bit, and concentrate instead on the living room/kitchen/dining room areas and the bathroom.  After finding out we will have some family members visiting from overseas for a bit, and realizing that everyone who walks into our house sees our living room but not the bedroom, we've chosen to adjust our home improvement plans.

Alhamdulillah we already have some very nice furniture, including a gorgeous sofa and loveseat combo, and a collection of six (yes SIX) wrought iron tables with glass tops including end tables, coffee table, and a mini buffet style table.  The problem is, it is all literally sitting at the EXACT same spot it's been sitting since we moved in four months ago LOL.

I have two huge gilded mirrors that I haven't had the chance to hang yet, and still need to get some rugs and other accessories.  We've been searching around for a dining room set, a feat that has proven to be WAY harder than I expected even though our expectations are quite reasonable (in my humble opinion):

1. Must be 100% REAL wood.  Do people even make things in real wood anymore?  It seems that every set I look at is corkboard or balsa wood or some other kind of composite of the leftovers laying around the floor of someone's shop.

2. Must be round, with the option of dropping two sides (or all sides) in order to make it square and save room while not in use.  You would think hinges cost millions, as hard as it's been to find drop side tables...geesh.

3. Must be espresso colored wood.  NOT cherry, NOT black, NOT natural, NOT beech, NOT birch, etc. etc. etc.  In my opinion espresso is the MOST ordinary color of wood! A nice deep dark brown stain without the reddish tint of cherry colored wood.  Again...they must have run out of espresso colored stain years ago...

The other plans that I have for our living room is to find a nice bench that has storage under the seat.  My plan is to have this bench sitting near the front door for visitors to sit on while removing their shoes, as well as a good place to throw my daughter's stray toys when I have a last minute visitor.  I've looked around at quite a few benches and found a beautiful leather one at a local store for less than $50.00.  It looks pretty similar to this one from

Other than those few items I need to buy, I've been searching everywhere for a cute set of towels and oven mitts for my kitchen.  I still can't find anything that both my husband and I agree on.  Insh'Allah this weekend when we head downtown to the textile district to search for rugs we'll find some nice accessories for the kitchen and bathroom too.

So that's about it for my most recent home improvement adventures.

Oh could I forget to announce the latest news???  When we do decide to redecorate the bedroom, it looks as though we will be using brown and pink for my daughter....brown and turquoise for my hubby and I....and for the new baby....brown and...........


Yes, it's another little princess we are welcoming into our family!  Alhamdulillah for everything.  I was teasing my husband that our daughter is so spoiled she even got her way with this.  She's been begging for a sister ever since she found out there's another baby on the way, so she was overjoyed when she learned she got her wish.  :)

Well ladies I am off to do some more internet browsing for the house.  Insh'Allah I'll see you amazing Muslimahs again soon, and have some updates for you of how the decoration adventure is coming. 

Ma'Salaama and Happy Home Improvements!

Fashionably Yours,
The (DIY) Mujahada in Prada