Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim....

The Mujahada in Prada

Friday, July 2, 2010

~The Purple Tree~

aSalaam uAlaikum and Good Evening My Stylish Sisters!

I am soooo excited to see all of you!  Please, let me pour you a cup of tea...or coffee.  Have some goodies to snack on, and relax...I am so happy to finally catch up with you again!

I sincerely hope that each and every one of you have been doing well since we last met insh'Allah.  I hope you all know that my disappearance had nothing to do with you lovely ladies, but was a combination of my life getting a little extra crazy, and me being a little extra lazy.  My family and I have had to move three (yes THREE) times within the last month due to reasons beyond our control.  We were able to take a short vacation in the middle of it, which made a truly stressful time a bit more bearable, and now FINALLY we have put down roots in a new area, with new surroundings, and loved ones nearby ALHAMDULILLAH!

The only thing about our new place is that I feel I am living in a sort of ghost town.  I know that sounds strange...we are, after all, in a city of ummmm like almost 10 million people.  The view from my balcony is one that would be next to impossible to get anywhere around here-it is literally a huge empty field with one gorgeous purple tree in the center.  This beautiful tree, although tall and healthy looking seems a bit sad to me for one reason.

Not even five years ago all of these fields were houses.  Homes...memories.  Children running and laughing, mothers cooking for their kids, fathers kissing their wives before going off to work, young couples planning their lives together.  I almost hear the echos of these people when I sit on my veranda at night.

All of these houses, these homes, were bulldozed.  All to make way for an expansion of a multi billion dollar a year business.  I know in a way it is a positive change.  The expansion of this business will of course provide jobs for hundreds of people and will boost the city's economy.  And these people were not kicked out of their homes, they were given sizable settlements to ensure they could rebuild their lives elsewhere.  But, I have to any of them return?  Just to drive down the street and imagine where their home once stood?  To remember that special barbeque they had for their child's birthday, or where they themselves took their first ride on a bike?  These homes were over 50 years old, if not older...and I'm sure that although the houses are all gone, the memories are all still standing.  Just like that beautiful tree....left to sway in the wind and remember.......until it is bulldozed too.

Now before I go, I would like to cheer us all up a bit with some positive news.  Despite all of the recent turmoil and transplantation of my family and me, I am excited to announce that Love Nyla finally has their website up and running!  Mash'Allah the site is amazing, with some beautiful pieces of jewelry ranging from earrings to necklaces to hijab pins.  And of course, their gorgeous customizable charm bracelets.  I definitely urge you sisters to check it out at  Let me know if you found anything, and share with us what you got!! There is nothing better than buying a fabulous new piece of jewelry, except showing off a fabulous new piece of jewelry to your good friends!

Ma'Salaama and Happy Memory Making.

Sentimentally Yours,
The (Purple Tree Loving) Mujahada in Prada