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The Mujahada in Prada

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

~Salaam and Hola!~

aSalaam uAlaikum and Good Evening My Stylish Sisters!

Again I must apologize to my fashionable followers for my inconsiderate delay in posting about a topic that I promised you loooong ago.

Remember when I first arrived on the West Coast after I had completed my journey through the Southwest?  And I told you all I would share some of my adventures, both fashion-related and otherwise?  Yes...that is what I am referring to.  That promise.

Well, better late than never, right?  (personally I despise that excuse, because usually the answer to that is a firm "NO", but I am going to be slightly hypocritical at this point and use it)

Anyways, I would really like to share with you some beautiful pieces of authentic Mexican embroidered clothing that I purchased.  The first one I found in Bisbee, Arizona at this amazing little shop called Ceramica La Tortuga (roughly translated Turtle Pottery) that was full to the brim with everything from hand-embroidered Mexican clothing, to tourist-y trinkets to beautiful tablecloths straight from Lebanon.  Yes, Lebanon.  The owner's mother was from Lebanon, his father from Mexico, which contributed to his ecclectic assortment of accoutrements.

After a long personal debate between if I should purchase the amazing Lebanese tablecloth he had, or a traditional piece of Mexican clothing I decided on the latter. 

Here is the beautiful hand-embroidered Mexican huipil that I purchased there:
Huipil refers to the traditional sleeveless Mexican tunic.  To the right is a closeup of the detailing.

Here is an adorable little traditional Mexican dress that I got for my daughter in Las Cruces, New Mexico:

I love the peacock on this dress, the embroidery of its feathers is especially beautiful.

After seeing so much gorgeous embroidery along my way through Arizona and New Mexico, I realized how much this style has impacted more European and Western styles of clothing.  Everything from caftans to tunics, and shoes to handbags lately can be found with intricate designs resembling those of the more traditional Mexican garments.  Take a look!

Anna Sui Shift available at

I looooove this beautiful caftan from

And this amazing maxi from eShakti as well.

And really, how beautiful is this handbag by Lucky?  It's available at Zappos.

This tunic by INC is a more modern take on Mexican inspired embroidery.  You can pick this up at

And saving the best for last, look at these stunning stiletto sandals from Valentino! They can be yours at

All of these styles I have shown you are merely a taste of the many Muy Caliente pieces that are out there incorporating the detailed, intricate embroidery resembling that of traditional Mexican garments.  I love this trend, and think I will do a little searching around for some scarves that have a south-of-the-border feeling to them too.  Can't wait to share more of my adventures with you ladies soon, but for now Adios Amigas!

Ma'Salaama and Hasta Luego!

Fashionably Yours,
The (Spanglish speaking) Mujahada in Prada

Monday, April 19, 2010

~Older and...Wiser???~

aSalaam uAlaikum and Good Evening My Stylish Sisters!!

I can't believe a whole week has gone by without me posting! Subhan'Allah how time flies!!

I want to apologize, but it was for good reason...I promise!  You see, I turned another year older this week, and actually took a few days to relax!  I can't believe I've gotten this old already!  Alhamdulillah for everything, I am most greatful for all I have been blessed with, but it was quite a shock to realize that another year had gone by so quickly!

I can remember my last birthday like it was just yesterday, and now all of a sudden it's time for me to set my body's clock ahead a whole 'nother year!  Well, it wasn't as tough as I thought it would be (this was a milestone birthday, although I refuse to disclose which one) thanks to my hubby, and good people surrounding me.  I look at my daughter and can remember so vividly the day she was born, and subhan'Allah she has another birthday coming up too!

Well, I'll make this short, because I really had no plans for this post.  Just thought I'd ramble on a bit so my sisters wouldn't forget about me.  But another birthday always makes me realize just how quickly life flies by us.  In fact, just the other night I was sitting with my hubby and a couple of family members and they were fondly recounting memories of their grandfather.  And all of a sudden they realized he had already been gone for almost ten years, and here we were sitting and talking about him as if he had just walked out of the room.  In fact, not a day goes by that we don't refer to him, to his actions, to the way he dealt with those surrounding him, and all who loved him so dearly.

I got to thinking, will I be remembered in this way?  Will anyone think back ten years after I have died and still love me the way they did when I was still in this life? 

It made me think of how every single action we perform, every word we speak, every helping hand, or unkind remark is counted either for, or against us.  It's too bad it takes a birthday for me to realize this, but insh'Allah I will get better at remembering this every day.

Anyways, those are my ramblings for the day.  Tomorrow we shall return to our stylish chats and fashionable quandries, but for now let's reflect on ourselves, and our actions...and be grateful for this opportunity to share the time we have with eachother.

Ma'Salaama and Happy Reflecting...

Fashionably Yours,
The (Older and Wiser) Mujahada in Prada