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Friday, June 1, 2012

The Chip On My Shoulder...

aSalaam uAlaikum My Stylish Sisters...

Jummah Mubarak!  Insh'Allah you have a fun weekend planned ahead, full of laughter, fun, and fashion!

You know, I am always surprised at just how many people still give me rude looks, or make evil comments to me because of my hijab.  I mean, I live in the second largest metropolitan area in the United States, and there are people here of every nationality, ethnicity, and religion!  I don't know if it's because they don't understand me (I am super pale, with green eyes...yet wear hijab, which tends to confuse a lot of people) or if it's because they are so brainwashed by the media they can't think for themselves.

Lately, though, I've started wondering if my own attitude has something to do with it.

You see, when I first started wearing hijab I would hear comments like "You're glowing!" or "You look beautiful in that scarf!" whereas now it's more like, "Aren't you hot?"  and "Don't you get tired of putting that on every morning?"  I didn't really realize that this chip on my shoulder might have something to do with the shift in people's attitudes around me.

The other day I took my youngest princess to the doctor's office.  The waiting room was PACKED, I was worried about her, my day had been hectic already, and in short, I had attitude oozing out of my ears.  BUT, immediately a woman sitting next to me told me that she loved my scarf, loved my religion, and had been thinking about converting.  She went on to tell me that she loved Islam the most because of the way the men cater to the women and hold them with such high esteem.  (*gasp...normally I hear the exact opposite from people!)  I was so shocked, I didn't really have time to react more than saying "Well thank you, I hope you find the truth and do what feels right for you."  (duuuuuhhhhhhhhhh) 

A second later, another woman who was with her teenage daughter confessed to me that she previously wore a scarf, but felt too scared and discriminated against, and she and her daughter both chose to stop wearing hijab.  I was so overcome with sadness for her, because you could see in her eyes it was a difficult decision she had made.  I told her that insh'Allah she would put it back on again soon, because Allah swt will not give us more than we can handle, and HE will reward her for doing the right thing. 

By the time the nurse called us in, I had given my business card to the first woman and encouraged her to call me if she need someone to talk to about Islam, and the second woman confided to me that I had inspired her to start wearing hijab again and she would give it serious thought. (Alhamdulillah!)

My mood lifted, the clouds disappeared, the chip on my shoulder was gone.  And for days following that incident I was walking as I did when I first put the hijab on...with my head up, a smile on my face, and nice words on the tip of my tongue.

In short, I'm not downplaying the ignorance that American hijabis often face (and I'm sure hijabis face in other non-Muslim countries).  I KNOW that hate exists.  But, I've learned that by staying positive, and expecting the best out of a stranger, instead of fearing the worst, often the situation turns out better than expected.  By finding that glow on my face again, I've lost the chip on my shoulder.

Ma'Salaama and Happy Hijabi-ing!!

Fashionably Yours,
The (*glow*) Mujahada in Prada

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Hijab Files xoxo said...

LOOOOVVVEEEE this piece!! It is so true! I fear I am always walking around with a "chip on my shoulder" always waiting for the worst. I always say to myself expect the best out of pple but find myself slipping into the negative. This is a wonderful reminder for me. Lots of Love Filizxx